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Taboo Totem

Freudian theory claims that the spirits of our ancestors are the guarding totems of actual society. Renaissance artists have erected these totems as large statues with perfect representation of the human body.

This notion of perfection, that we still find today in mass media, opposed to the reality of the human condition drives us to a sexual crisis that shapes our physiognomy.

In “Totem Taboo’ Armin Abedi interprets the Modern Man persona through parts of the human body and decomposed reflective textures representing society’s influence on our inner spirits. 

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to Feb 24

Sweet Blasphemy - Alireza Shojaian

"I knew that my time with Rumi was coming to an end. Through our companionship Rumi and I had experienced an exceptional beauty and learned what it was like to encounter infinity through two mirrors reflecting each other endlessly. But old maxim sill applies: Where there is love, there is bound to be heartache."

(The Forty Rules of Love / Elif Shafak)
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